Continuous Vertical Conveyor

– Accessories

Continuous Vertical Conveyor – Accessories

Suitable for average to high capacity applications.

Suitable for average to high capacity applications.

  • Rubber chain continuous conveyor lift is mainly through automatic control to achieve vertical and horizontal transmission of goods, with quiet operation, no noise, no lubrication, no pollution of the use of the environment, no wear and maintenance of the chain, high delivery capacity, long service life and other excellent characteristics.

Features & Benefits

  • The rubber block chain continuous vertical conveyor mainly realizes the vertical and horizontal conveying of items through automatic control, generally can be divided into C type, Z type, E type, etc.
  • The rubber block chain continuous vertical conveyor uses a high-load, high-tension rubber block chain as the drive system, so it runs very quietly and without noise, and does not require lubrication and re-tensioning, and the maintenance cost is extremely low. It has the characteristics of high conveying efficiency, stable conveying, safety and reliability, and convenient operation.
  • The rubber block chain continuous vertical conveyor widely used in three-dimensional vertical conveying system, sorting system, distribution center and automatic assembly line and other occasions.


  • Strong mechanical strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good flex resistance
  •  Quiet operation without noise
  • Chain links are not worn and maintenance-free
  • No need for lubrication and no pollution
  • Scientific structure and high transportation capacity
  • Long service life and high cost performance

 Installation environment:

  • Indoor -10°C~40°C
  • No icing, no vibration, fireproof, dry, no corrosive substances. Consult for special circumstances
  • Delivery capacity: ≤2000 pieces/hour
  • Cargo load range: ≤100Kg
  • Frame material
  • Aluminum alloy profiles
  • Stainless steel square tube
  • Carbon steel square tube

Bearing type:

  • Carton/bag/plastic turnover box/pallet/luggage, mail/barrel/flexible packaging/processing parts/loose parts

Protective panel:

  • PC board 5mm/aluminum alloy punching plate/stainless steel punching plate