Rubber Block Chain Conveyor

Rubber Block Chain Conveyor

  • The rubber block chain conveyor is made of several high tension steel wire rope cores as the chain skeleton and vulcanized under high temperature and high pressure.

Advantages of rubber block chain conveyor:

  • The rubber block chain not only exhibits superior tensile strength and excellent wear resistance but also boasts several other advantageous characteristics. Firstly, it operates with minimal noise and ensures no powder dropping or environmental pollution. Moreover, it effectively prevents chain link elongation, reducing the need for frequent tension adjustments. Additionally, the rubber block chain eliminates the requirement for lubrication and demands low maintenance while offering an extended service life.Consequently, the rubber block chain plays a critical role as the core drive component in various vertical conveying systems. These systems include Z-type continuous vertical elevators, C-type continuous vertical elevators, multi-input and multi-output circulation vertical conveyors, and continuous bucket elevators. By incorporating the rubber block chain, these conveying systems demonstrate enhanced performance, increased reliability, and improved efficiency in material handling operations.

Customized service:

  • You can customize the rubber block chain to meet your specific requirements, including options for an open loop rubber block chain with joints or a closed loop rubber block chain without joints. However, it is important to note that using rubber block chains with toothless drive wheels is not advisable.

Working environment:

  • The room is dark – 15 ° C~40 ° C, dry and corrosion free.