Recirculating lifts

Recirculating lifts

  • Recirculating lifts, which combine the tried-and-true “Paternoster principle” with rubber chains to provide a technically and economically superior solution. Circulating elevators can circulate lightweight materials such as plastic totes, boxes, pallets and parcels between floors at speeds of up to 1200 units/hour with a payload of up to 50 kg.

Advantages of circulating elevators:

  • The continuous vertical conveyor (CVC) offers several advantages that make it a versatile choice for various material handling applications. Firstly, it allows for high flow and enables cyclic feeding and unloading on multiple floors, providing flexibility in conveying different types of materials.
  • In terms of design, CVCs are compact and do not require a large amount of space. They can operate efficiently even in small areas, making them suitable for facilities with limited space availability.
  • Another notable feature of CVCs is their low noise level. They operate quietly, ensuring a pleasant working environment without causing disturbance to nearby personnel. Additionally, CVCs are designed for long-term operation, contributing to their reliability and efficiency.
  • CVCs also offer private customization options, allowing for flexible size design based on customer requirements. This customization enables the integration of diverse functions, making them suitable for concurrent operations of multiple functions within different spaces. They can be utilized as sorters or selector conveyors and can adopt various flow directions, such as “S” or “C” shapes.
  • Maintenance costs for CVCs are low. They do not require lubrication, and their maintenance needs are minimal. The rubber chains used in CVCs are designed to be maintenance-free, without significant chain stretching issues. This results in reliable operation and a long service life.
  • Moreover, CVCs are energy-efficient, contributing to lower energy consumption and operating costs.
  • Overall, CVCs offer high flow capacity, compact design, low noise operation, private customization options, diverse functions, low maintenance costs, and energy efficiency, making them a cost-effective and reliable solution for material handling operations.

Circular lift features:

  • It can quickly improve the material.
  • Can transport materials on multiple floors, and can also be used as a sorter conveyor
  • Various types of goods to which the rules apply
  • Optional aluminum profile, carbon steel, stainless steel main frame

Circulation elevator performance:

  • Lifting speed: <25m/min
  • Maximum single load: <50Kg