Continuous Conveyor Lift Advantages

Continuous Conveyor Lift Advantages

  • Circulating hoists or lifts, also known as continuous hoists or lifts, utilize rubber block chains in conjunction with the well-established “Paternoster principle” to deliver an advanced and cost-effective solution. These innovative elevators excel in efficiently transporting a wide range of lightweight materials, such as plastic totes, boxes, pallets, and parcels, between different floors. They achieve impressive speeds of up to 1200 units per hour, with a maximum payload capacity of 25 kg. Their versatility and efficiency make them ideal for various applications.


  • High flow: With its ability to facilitate cyclic feeding and unloading on multiple floors, this conveyor system is highly effective in conveying a diverse range of materials.
  • Compact design: The system’s compact design ensures optimal functionality even in limited spaces, maximizing the utilization of available areas.
  • Low noise: Notably, the system operates quietly, providing an environmentally friendly and non-disruptive working environment. Its extended operation duration further adds to its appeal.
  • Private customization: This system offers the flexibility of customized size designs, catering to specific customer requirements. Its diverse functions can be concurrently operated in various spaces.
  • Diverse functionality: In addition to its primary function, this conveyor system can also serve as a sorter or selector conveyor, providing versatility in its “S” or “C” shaped flow directions.
  • Low maintenance cost: The system boasts minimal maintenance requirements, eliminating the need for lubrication. Its reliable operation and extended service life are facilitated by the use of maintenance-free drive components, including rubber block chains.
  • Low energy consumption: Thanks to its efficient design, the system operates with minimal energy consumption, resulting in low operating costs.


  • It facilitates rapid material improvement.
  • It transports materials across multiple floors and can serve as a sorter conveyor.
  • It handles various types of goods according to applicable rules.
  • The main frame can be made of optional materials such as aluminum profile, carbon steel, or stainless steel.