About us

With over 20 years of experience in intelligent conveying equipment, Suzhou X-YES Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD has established itself as a leader in the industry. Our extensive product range includes vertical continuous lifts, reciprocating lifts, belt conveyors, roller conveyors, and other conveying solutions. We have successfully exported our products to more than 40 countries, providing efficient conveying solutions to over 300 enterprises.

To meet the evolving market demands and facilitate company growth, we made the strategic decision to establish a dedicated vertical conveyor department in 2022. This independent department focuses on the design, production, and supply of vertical conveyors, allowing us to enhance our specialization and better serve our customers’ needs. By integrating research, design, production, operation, sales, and after-sales services, we provide comprehensive and streamlined solutions for our customers.

Why Choose Conveyor Lift?

We firmly believe that we are the best in our industry. What truly sets us apart from our competitors is our ownership and operation of our own factory, coupled with our extensive portfolio of patented technologies. This unique combination empowers us to have complete control over the entire manufacturing process. Moreover, our dedicated team boasts over a decade of experience in crafting top-notch conveyors and hoists. We have a proven track record of successfully serving international clients, with a significant portion of our products being exported to over 40 countries spanning Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, and the United States. By consistently investing in the latest innovations and optimizing our equipment for maximum efficiency, we have established strong partnerships with renowned global brands, enabling us to enjoy a solid foundation of ongoing business.

Five Core Advantages Of Using Conveyor Elevators:

1. Factory Direct
With over 10000 square meters of space betwen our office and production floor, we can deliver the value & service you ned while giving you factory direct prices.Having our own factory alows us to control quality, delivery schedules, and control costs that you simply cannot do as just a trading company.
2.Experienced & Professional

With more than 20 years professional experience in production and sales, has a number of patent certificates。We understand that the sucess of our busines is dependent on the quality of our staf. Because of that we have hired, traied and retained the highest quality people in this industry.Our conveyor has exported more than 40 contries in the world and helped more than 300 enterprises solve transportation problems and improve production efficiency.


We’ve learned how to make the best quality for the lowest price because we work with some of the most demanding customers in the world. Up to 60% of the products we make are exported to more than 40 countries throughout Europe, Ausralia, the Middle East, Africa, and the United States. Our professional production team and sales ensure all standard business management proceses be followed to ensure high quality and compliance to all standard.

4.Products and services

We maintain full control over the quality and production environment to ensure rigorous product quality control and deliver high-quality products and services to our customers. We promptly address production issues, make necessary adjustments, and prioritize customer service as our core value.

Furthermore, we exercise cost control through our dedicated team of professionals in quality control and research and development. We continuously optimize the production process and reduce costs to provide customers with superior products of the highest quality.

5.Perfect after-sales service

Strong engineering team and R&D team as your logistics support, in any case you need, no matter you have any problem within 6 hours to give you satisfactory solutions.